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Saker 4PCS Reciprocating Saw Scraper

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  • High quality: The set of 4 scrapers are all made of high-quality carbon steel, waterproof and rust-proof, durable and not easy to deform.

  • Compatible with A Variety of Power Tools: This set of scrapers is suitable for most brands of saber saws and reciprocating saws, freeing your hands and improving work efficiency.

  • Wide Range of Uses: suitable for wall repair, cement floor cleaning, metal rust removal, welding slag removal, etc.

  • Different Sizes are Suitable for Different Purposes: 10mm/0.4in, 30mm/1.2in, and 50 mm/2in are suitable for small-area precise cleaning of hard materials; 100mm/3.9in are suitable for large-area cleaning of soft materials.


  • Weight: 200g
  • Material: Carbon Steel


  • 1*Saker 4PCS Reciprocating Saw Scraper