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Happy Customer

Every Workshop Must Have One!

I wish I had this when I was cutting some trim to run along the baseboard trim, it would have saved me so much time. Easy to use, just press up against whatever you're trying to trace. Some people say that it's too stiff to move, but I don't really think so. Nice variation in sizes as well.I would buy again.

Work as advertised,highly recommend!

I love these. I thought I would have to get a spool feed for my MIG welder or get my TIG welder out of storage, but these work so well, I'm hooked. Ive done repairs on aluminum body parts, bumpers and some other small aluminum bracketry. I've used mapp gas, acetylene and propane. Acetylene and mapp are best. These are just great.

Highly recommend

This is a great idea, and the quality control is very good. What I received was very accurate. If you get and get one, it will be a great tool. The perimeter of the ruler is large enough to keep the tool away from the corners of the plasterboard and is easy to read.

Easy to use!

I can often see this product, because the price is quite reasonable, so I decided to give it a try. This is great! I like it very much myself, it is very useful, very convenient and simple to use. I want to buy another one for my father, because he likes this tool when I can easily use it, and he wants to buy one to use! Our family is very supportive!

--Joshua about Domom Universal Socket

Good product well done!

It is very easy to use and I like it very much. I used it to surround the gap in the bathroom and I was very pleasantly surprised! The price is also very cheap. I compared products of other brands. This is a very cost-effective one. I highly recommend it. I plan to buy another one for my father!

It's certainly easy!

Ever have a client that was hard to pick a gift?! Look no further! This is a great addition to a gift basket for hanging pictures when they move into their new home! It's a great price, size and easy to use. I would recommend anyone keep one handy for hanging pics and keeping them level