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SAKER® Press Ice Cube Box

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  • Portable Press Design: The SAKER® Press Ice Cube Box features a convenient press design that allows you to extract ice cubes without any contact. Simply press gently, and the ice cubes will dispense effortlessly, eliminating splashing and keeping your hands clean and dry.
  • Efficient Ice Dispensing: With a specially designed ice outlet, this ice cube box enables easy pouring of ice cubes, ensuring a hygienic process without the need to touch the ice directly.
  • Sealed Design for Hygiene: Utilizing a fully sealed design, this ice cube box ensures that water and ice remain untouched by external contaminants, maintaining cleanliness and preventing cross-contamination with other items in the refrigerator.
  • Easy Water Filling: Filling the ice cube box with water is a breeze. Simply pour water into the designated fill line, ensuring a quick and even distribution of water across the ice compartments. Once filled, the box can be placed in the freezer for efficient freezing.
  • Simple Ice-Making Process: The ice-making process is straightforward and involves five simple steps: filling the box with liquid to the marked line, shaking the liquid to distribute it evenly, placing the box in the freezer to freeze, pressing to release the ice cubes, and finally, opening the silicone plug to dispense the ice cubes.


  • Size: 22*12*7cm
  • Material: PP, PET, TPE, silicone


  • 1*SAKER® Press Ice Cube Box