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SAKER® Electric Mortar Grout Gun

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  • Efficient Material Loading: The SAKER® Electric Mortar Grout Gun features a unique funnel-shaped design that allows for quick and hassle-free material loading. This innovative design significantly improves work efficiency, enabling you to complete your tasks more quickly and effectively.

  • Enhanced Stability and Speed: With a specially designed labor-saving bearing at the rear end, this grout gun ensures exceptional stability during operation. The bearing design not only enhances stability but also boosts discharge speed, allowing for smooth and continuous grouting without interruptions.

  • Versatile Detachable Nozzles: The grout gun is equipped with a threaded detachable nozzle system, including both flat and round nozzles. This versatile feature allows you to easily switch between different nozzles, catering to various application needs and ensuring precise and accurate grout placement.

  • Durable and Efficient Feeding Rod: The feeding rod of the SAKER® Electric Mortar Grout Gun is constructed with reinforced materials, making it highly durable and resistant to wear. The thickened and enlarged design ensures consistent and efficient material flow, preventing clogging and increasing overall work efficiency.

  • Wide Range of Applications: This grout gun is not limited to grouting mortar joints. It can be used in conjunction with air compressors, mortar spraying, plastering, stuccoing, small-scale concrete injection, and floor mixtures. Its versatility and compatibility make it an invaluable tool for various construction and renovation projects.


  • Material: Steel


  • 1*SAKER® Electric Mortar Grout Gun (No Electric Drill)