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SAKER® Angle Grinder Socket Wrench 3Pcs

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  • Boosted Efficiency and Easy Operation: SAKER® Angle Grinder Socket Wrench significantly enhances your efficiency by speeding up the disassembly and assembly process. This versatile tool is compatible with various heavy-duty wrenches, including 1/2 (12.5mm) electric and ratchet wrenches, making it an indispensable addition to your toolbox.

  • Universally Compatible Interface: SAKER® Angle Grinder Socket Wrench's interface is designed to conform to international standard interfaces, making it an ideal match for Type 100 angle grinders. Its one-handed operation feature enables you to easily grip and remove damaged, rusted, or rounded-off nuts and bolts, simplifying even the most challenging tasks.

  • Exceptional Durability and Material Quality: Constructed from a one-piece forging cold-heading industrial steel chrome vanadium and molybdenum alloy, the Angle Grinder Socket Wrench exhibits outstanding impact resistance and torsion strength. Additionally, its rust and wear resistance ensures long-lasting performance, while the anti-slip design guarantees enhanced torque and secure fixation, preventing slippage during use.

  • Unparalleled Clamping Force for Secure Gripping: Featuring a unique square tooth design, the Angle Grinder Pressure Plate Removal Sleeve offers an impressive clamping force. The two-claw clamping system ensures a firm grip on nuts and bolts, allowing for smooth and easy screwing without any hassle. This robust clamping force makes the SAKER® Angle Grinder Socket Wrench an essential tool for various applications, providing you with consistent and reliable performance.

  • Wide-Ranging Applications and Multifunctional Use: The Pressure Plate Removal Sleeve can be utilized with an array of manual power tools such as electric wrenches, curved rods, or manual wrenches. This versatile socket wrench is perfect for various tasks, including auto repair, household maintenance, yard decoration, manufacturing, construction, and any other project that requires screw nuts.


  • Material: Chrome-molybdenum steel

  • Size: 24*24*38.5mm

  • Weight: 66.8g


  • 1/2/4 Set*SAKER® Angle Grinder Socket Wrench 3Pcs