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SAKER® 3 Lens Car DVR Dash Cam

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  • Triple-Lens Simultaneous Recording: Capture the road ahead, the interior of your vehicle, and the rear simultaneously, ensuring comprehensive recording. Choose from various screen viewing modes, such as picture-in-picture, split-screen, full-screen, and more, for enhanced driving safety. The wide-angle high-definition rear camera provides an expansive view, further ensuring your safety.

  • Loop Recording - Never Miss a Moment: Record in full high-definition (MP4 format) with automatic loop recording. The dash cam starts recording as soon as you start your car, and it never misses a moment. When the storage is full, it automatically overwrites the oldest footage, ensuring continuous recording without interruptions.

  • Motion Detection - Detect Changes Ahead: The motion detection feature identifies changes in the camera's field of view. If it detects movement, whether from people, objects, or changes in lighting conditions, the dash cam will automatically start recording. When the monitored scene remains unchanged, it stops recording, saving storage space.

  • G-Sensor - Emergency Backup and Evidence Lock: In the event of a collision, the dash cam separately protects the ongoing video footage, preventing important evidence from being overwritten. This feature ensures that critical videos are preserved for insurance claims or legal purposes.

  • Reverse Camera - Expansive Full-Screen View: When you shift into reverse, the dash cam seamlessly switches to a full-screen rearview, providing an extensive field of view. This feature makes parking and reversing more manageable, especially for newcomers, ensuring confident and stress-free maneuvering.


  • Image resolution: 1080p


  • 1pc *SAKER® 3 Lens Car DVR Dash Cam