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SAKER® 20Pcs Oscillating Saw Blades(No Machine)

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  • Precise Measurement: These blades come with clearly marked inch and millimeter-scale measurements. This feature allows for precise control and eliminates the need for conversion calculations, making your cutting tasks more accurate.

  • Curved-Edge Design for Efficiency: The innovative curved-edge design of these oscillating saw blades ensures optimal cutting angles throughout the oscillation process. This design not only enhances cutting efficiency but also reduces vibrations, providing stability during use.

  • High Efficiency and Versatility: This set includes four different types of saw blades with various sizes and shapes of saw teeth. This versatility allows you to tackle a wide range of cutting tasks, from home remodeling and window installation to cutting nail-embedded wood, door frames, flooring work, trimming, and adjustments. You can confidently meet various cutting needs with these blades.

  • Wide Compatibility: Designed with a universal interface system, these blades are compatible with over 95% of the oscillating tools available on the market. This broad compatibility ensures that you can use them with your existing tools, making them a convenient and versatile addition to your toolkit.

  • Durable Build: SAKER® oscillating saw blades are constructed to be durable and long-lasting. They are built to withstand the demands of tough-cutting jobs, ensuring that they remain reliable and effective over time.

  • Note: This product only has 20pcs oscillating saw blades and does not include a machine.


  • Size: 10mm;34mm;44mm;68mm


  • 20Pcs Oscillating Saw Blades(No Machine)