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SAKER® 2-in-1 Safety Hammer

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  • Dual Functionality: This 2-in-1 Safety Hammer combines two essential functions. One side features an emergency window-breaking hammer for shattering vehicle windows during emergencies. The other side includes a seatbelt cutter blade for quickly cutting through seatbelts to rescue oneself and others.

  • Sturdy and Durable: Made from high-strength metal materials, ensuring reliability and durability in critical situations to ensure it functions properly when needed.

  • Easy to Operate: Designed for simplicity and ease of use, with straightforward operation—just a simple press or swing to activate the hammer and blade, requiring no complex steps or additional tools.

  • Essential for Emergency Escape: A crucial safety accessory for vehicle occupants, particularly in accidents or when vehicles are trapped, providing a quick and effective means of escape.

  • Multi-functional Design: Besides its primary use in vehicles, it is also suitable for home and travel use, ensuring safety and protection around the clock.


  • Material: metal alloy


  • 1 * SAKER® 2-in-1 Safety Hammer