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08/04/2021 Charles Davies

I'm saving money, my measuring tasks becomes easier, and my tool and material are more precise and economical

I'm a guy who likes DIY, and some of my friends are also DIY'ers.

We always have difficulties in measurement and calculation of varies of complicated corners.

"Oh, it is so hard to get the correct angles! I’ve wasted too much material because of that."

Once again, I threw the wasted material into the garbage can and sighed. I spent a lot of time and money, but I never got my ideal result. How I wish it were effortless to measure and transfer angles!

"I was tired of the errors in measurement which leads to material waste..."

I looked at this pile of wasted materials on the ground. It looks even worse than every failure in the past. They could almost turn into my beautiful home decorations. But because of this one small error, the whole work was in vain again!

Why did this always happen to me? I was so frustrated and tired of the errors on doing my measurement tasks which leads to material waste. I decided to make it my mission to find a way to successfully measure angles accurately.

It's still difficult without a perfect tool

I read some about DIY measuring tips for getting rid of failure.

Some people say that I can buy a bigger protractor, a set of irregular rulers and some sharp knives to solve this problem.

"Unfortunately, I followed these suggestions but it barely improved..."

Those irregular rulers really helped me when drawing some patterns, but once they encountered the need of accuracy, they were no longer useful.

It was at this time that a tool that I had never heard of appeared, It can perfectly satisfy my need for accuracy. It’s called Saker Miter Saw Protractor.

No difficulty in measuring inside and outside corners

The Saker Miter Saw Protractor has many amazing highlights:

  • Consistent measurement accuracy
  • Easy-to-read precision laser engraved scales
  • Perfect for crown molding, trim work, and plumbing
  • Durable aluminum alloy
  • Limited lifetime warranty

"A revolution in my way of molding jobs."

Saker Miter Saw Protractor has been a revolution in my way of molding jobs. Last week, I used it to do the crown molding for my room, and looking at my finished molding projects, I admired the perfection of my craft and Saker Miter Saw Protractor.

You can use this tool to do crown molding

I invited my friends to visit my refurbished room, and they were all surprised after watching them.

Also, material is saved

When you were preparing to some molding, trimming or plumbing works, did you find that it is hard to perfectly measure and calculate the corners in compact spaces? Or did you find that when you finished the works, it was not so perfect?

In such cases, heavy and cumbersome tools again become an obstacle to your works. It may cause you to waste materials. But no more worries. Saker Miter Saw Protractor can make you read angles accurately and do the cuttings smoothly.

You can use this tool to do trim work, plumbing, and other carpentry applications.

I use Saker Miter Saw Protractor to read varies of angles. I use Saker Miter Saw Protractor to get an accurate miter cut . I use Saker Miter Saw Protractor to successfully complete the works.

Save money and material

It has been months since I bought Saker Miter Saw Protractor. It can still work normally, and the quality is very good.

In the past few months, I have used Saker Miter Saw Protractor to do a lot of things that I have not been successful before. By using the miter saw protractor, I gained confidence and great fun.

Saker Miter Saw Protractor has two scales to transfer the angles directly to the miter saw

It saves time because I easily get the data I want. I don’t have to do any more complicated calculations. It also saves a lot of money because no more material is wasted.

Do you need any more reasons to give Saker Miter Saw Protractor a try? All right, then let me tell you one final thing.

1/4 inch thick aluminum alloy, not easy to bend and prevent rust

Saker Miter Saw Protractor are made of high-quality sturdy anodized aluminum steel processed by CNC, high strength, rustproof, durable and no thorns, wear-proof and solvent-resistance. Saker Miter Saw Protractor comes with internal Teflon O-ring mechanism swivels that ensures smooth and precise read on corners.

Saker Miter Saw Protractor are made of anodized aluminum steel processed by CNC

When you use it, there is no need to worry about . Because its material is anodized aluminum steel, it is very safe. And the flat stainless steel won't scratch the surfaces of your material.

A no-brainer investment

Saker Miter Saw Protractor paid for it last month I started using them. Like I said, I used to I used to worry about crown molding, and wasted a lot of materials, and wasted time and money.

But no more. Saker Miter Saw Protractor can perfectly help to do an accurate Miter cut, and Single cut.

I can't recommend Saker Miter Saw Protractor enough. If you care about saving money and DIY molding/trimming easier, then this will be the best investment you make this year. Try it out, you won't regret it!

About 40% off at the moment

UPDATE: I just found a site that's running about 40% off sale on Saker Miter Saw Protractor. I'm definitely going to grab some more to give my friends. Buy more, save more. It’s a nice idea.

I'm not sure how much longer this sale will go on. So if you want to try Saker Miter Saw Protractor, why not do it now, while you can get this big discount? Click here to get started.

Make your accurate measurement tasks easier and save material!

Now that you’ve been informed about Saker Miter Saw Protractor, let me show you how easy it is to use it. All you need to do is to follow these several steps:

  • Step 1 Measure the corner angle near the ceiling. Note the Miter Cut value from the dial (inner scale).
  • Step 2 Determine the spring angle (information available where you purchase your crown molding stock).
  • Step 3 Refer to the compound cut conversion table (see back). Locate the row with the same "Miter Cut" value as your corner measurement.
  • Step 4 Note the "Miter Angle" and "Bevel Angle" from the row that corresponds to the spring angle of your work piece stock (38°or 45°).
  • Step 5 Refer to the table below and carefully set the miter angle and bevel angle on your compound miter saw, then position your work piece with reference to the blade and fence, as indicated. Then, cut your first work piece.
  • Step 6 Reset the saw and position your second work piece as indicated by the table below. Then, cut your second work piece.

Here's a tip: Know anyone who uses Saker Miter Saw Protractor can get molding or trimming works easier? This Saker Miter Saw Protractor is perfect for DIY measurement tasks and get rid of waste!