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SAKER® Chamfer Plane

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Saker Chamfer Plane is suitable for trimming and chamfering all kinds of wood. The cutting depth can be adjusted according to the working requirements. It's easy to disassemble and assemble, simple combination, and easy to install.We have seven cutter heads for you to choose according to the shape you want!It makes your work easier!

  • More Efficient: Saker Chamfer Plane can quickly eliminate edges, and can easily and quickly add other drill bits, thus making your work easier and more accurate!
  • Adjustable Depth: Suitable for trimming and chamfering all kinds of wood. The cutting depth can be adjusted according to the working requirements.
  • Easy To Operate: Equipped with horizontal and vertical bubbles for easy observation and leveling. Comfortable to hold and easy to operate. 
  • Sharp And Safe: Added multiple high-strength carbon steel blades, sharp and ruthless, more efficient. Even a novice can operate it simply and quickly.
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1*sharp corner+1*rounded

Double rounded
1/8 round
Double pointed foot blade

1/4 round
3/16 round

Chamfer Display

Widely Use

Saker Chamfer Plane is easy to disassemble and assemble, comfortable to hold, simple to operate, you carry and use it at any time and it does not take up too much space. Used for wooden furniture crafts and handmade DIY wooden works, and it is suitable for woodworking beginners and professionals. It can also be used as a men's holiday gift.

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Discovery Package

1* Saker Chamfer Plane

1* Saker Chamfer Plane


Retail £31.99(Save £10)

Most Popular

1*Saker Chamfer Plane+6*Cutter Head

1*Saker Chamfer Plane+6*Cutter Head


Retail £43.99 (Save £18)

Best Seller

2 sets (1*Saker Chamfer Plane+6*Cutter Head)

2 sets (1*Saker Chamfer Plane+6*Cutter Head)


Retail £87.98 (Save £40)

Happy Customers Love Saker® Chamfer Plane!

James D.

"Easy to use"

I have been using it for a week and I often use it for planing wood. It's really good, even though it is small, it is very sharp, and planing wood is very fast. And it has a positioning assist function, which allows me to plan wood straight without hurting my hands, which is really suitable!

Danielle F.

"Work as advertised"

I have seen this tool on fb for a long time. Since the price is quite reasonable, I decided to give it a try, but I didn't expect to like it very much. I was planning to give my father another gift because he was jealous when he saw that I could plan wood quickly with it.

Gary D.

"Highly recommend!"

Very recommended, very easy to use, light and easy to hold, I like it very much! Would recommend to friends around me to buy.

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Product specification

Saker Chamfer Plane:1*Saker Woodworking Planer+1*1/4 round cutter head

Saker Chamfer Plane+6*Cutter Head:1*Saker Woodworking Planer + 1*45° Flat blade +7*cutter head (1/4 Round+3/16 Round+1/8 Round+ Double round+Sharp-corner+round-corner+Double-pointed)

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