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This Saker Positioning Triangle Ruler Advantages:
  • Adjustable Sliders

    Customize your measurements effortlessly with movable sliders, accommodating hole diameters of 4.5mm, it is recommended to use a 3-4mm drill bit for precise positioning.

  • Durable Wood Construction

    Built to last, our ruler is crafted from a premium-grade electric wood board, providing exceptional durability for long-term use.

  • Clear Laser Mark Measurements

    Enjoy enhanced visibility and accuracy with the ruler's laser-engraved measurements, allowing for precise and consistent marking.

Saker Positioning Triangle Ruler is Rich in Features Beyond Your Imagination

Precision Measurement

Achieve accurate measurements with ease, ensuring precision in every task.

Drilling Positioning

Streamline your drilling process with precise positioning capabilities, facilitating seamless hole drilling.

Line Marking

Mark lines effortlessly for precise alignment and layout, enhancing overall project accuracy.

Variety of Sizes

Choose from four size options to suit your specific needs, including 8.66in*14.96in, 12.59in*12.59in, 11.81in*16.53in, and 11.81in*20.86in, offering versatility for various projects.

Saker Positioning Triangle Ruler is So Easy to Use