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SAKER® Egg Incubator

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  • Precise Temperature and Humidity Control & Scientific Mimicry of Hen Hatching: Our egg incubator features advanced technology that allows for precise temperature and humidity control. This ensures optimal conditions for successful egg hatching, Mimic the hen's hatching principle, this mode ensures that the eggs receive even heat distribution, promoting healthy development, the egg rotation system. They rotate once every hour which we’ve seen has made for better hatch rates!
  • Visual Water Adding Design: The water tray pulls out for easy filling, easy cleaning, and it’s so convenient to be able to add / take away water as needed through this pull out drawer. Water never spills, there’s no mess, it never overfills, and it’s easy to take some out if we accidentally add too much. This ensures consistent humidity levels inside the incubator without the risk of excessive water mist or condensation buildup.
  • Anti-Slip Mat and Protective Wall: The incubator is thoughtfully designed with an anti-slip mat to prevent chicks from slipping and injuring their feet. Additionally, it features protective wall to provide a secure environment for the chicks, a 2-inch protective wall to prevent chicks from falling and getting hurt.
  • Easy-to-Clean and User-Friendly: The top fan is detachable, and the base can be rinsed with water. Our incubator is designed with easy disassembly for convenient cleaning. The straightforward operation makes it user-friendly, allowing anyone, even beginners, to effectively use and maintain the incubator.
  • Convenient Lid Handle and 360-Degree Viewing Angle: makes it so much easier to open and set the lid back on and now can do that one handed. The clear dome for 360 view of hatching. Makes it so fun for the family to gather around and watch the babies come earth side! Built-in egg candler. We offer a two-year warranty policy.


  • Item Weight:7.68 pounds
  • Warranty Description:2 year


  • 1*SAKER® Egg Incubator