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SAKER® Double Head Sprayer

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  • High Quality Material:The SAKER® Double Head Sprayer is made of durable and high-quality materials, ensuring it will last through multiple uses without deteriorating or breaking.

  • Dual Functionality:This sprayer features two heads, allowing for dual functionality and the ability to cover more area with each use. The two heads can be adjusted independently, providing versatile spray coverage.

  • Adjustable Spray Patterns:With the ability to adjust the spray patterns, the SAKER® Double Head Sprayer offers a customizable experience for various applications, from misting delicate plants to applying a direct stream for tougher tasks.

  • Ergonomic Design:The ergonomic design of this sprayer ensures comfortable handling and control, reducing hand fatigue during extended use.

  • Versatile Application:This sprayer is suitable for a wide range of uses, including gardening, cleaning, and disinfecting, making it a versatile addition to any household or professional setup.


  • Material: Copper


  • 1 * SAKER® Double Head Sprayer