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This SakerPlus Retractable Windproof Camping Lantern Advantages:

  • Stable Quad Base with Fixing Holes

    The Camping Lantern features a robust quad base with fixing holes for ground stakes, ensuring stable placement on any surface. This design allows it to withstand winds up to 8 levels, making it ideal for secure and reliable lighting in tents, campsites, and even indoors.

  • Adjustable Height

    The Camping Lighting's 4-section telescopic pole extends up to 43 inches, offering flexible lighting heights for enhanced illumination adaptability. Whatever you want to do, just adjust the pole's length to suit your illumination needs.

  • Magnetic Base

    The Telescopic Tent Camping Lantern is equipped with a built-in magnet that securely attaches to metal surfaces, offering hands-free illumination wherever you need it. Perfect for camping, home use, and emergency situations alike, this feature adds practicality and convenience to your lighting setup.

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SakerPlus Retractable Windproof Camping Lantern is Rich in Features Beyond Your Imagination

Three Lighting Modes

Offers three adjustable brightness settings and options for warm and cold light, plus an SOS mode for emergencies, ensuring versatile illumination for any situation.

Waterproof Design

Built to withstand the elements, this lantern meets the IPX5 waterproof standard, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh weather conditions. Rain or shine, you can count on consistent illumination without worry.

Emergency SOS Mode

In case of an emergency, activate the SOS mode to signal for help and ensure your safety. This feature provides peace of mind and confidence in unexpected situations.

14000mAh Super Large Capacity

Features a high-capacity 14,000mAh lithium-ion battery, it can support up to 4-48 hours of continuous illumination. It also doubles as a power bank, featuring a built-in Type-C charging port to charge your devices on the go.

Self-retracting Design

The bottom bracket feet can be automatically contracted. This camping lantern folds down to just 11.22 inches, making it easy to store and carry in a backpack. Its portable design ensures you have convenient lighting wherever you go.

Rotatable Lamp Head

The Camping Lantern features a lamp head that rotates 180° and 360°, allowing customizable illumination angles to suit different environments and needs.

SakerPlus Retractable Windproof Camping Lantern is So Easy to Use

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I noticed - and this isn't mentioned in the product detail page, and nobody else mentioned it - are the little reflectors on the legs of the light. That is such a thoughtful little feature, and only someone with camping experience or construction experience will appreciate it. Those reflectors are there so if your light burns out, you can still find it in the dark (either reflecting the moon, or reflecting your other flashlight).

Nikolas R.

First and foremost, the light is very sturdy, well made and bound to be durable. You can choose to run one to four of the light leafs. You can choose three different colors and many levels of brightness, as well as flashing, or SOS mode. From viewing the posted images, I was initially concerned about the durability of the telescoping rod. But, I must say it is much sturdier than it appeared in the images.

Turner M.

I was thinking this would be more of a novelty item, but I love it. The telescoping feature is really cool. Battery seems pretty decent, and I like that they included stakes with it to make sure it stays put if its in the dirt. Really thought out.

Jason H.

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