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This Saker Socket Fan Advantages:

  • Enhanced Performance

    Featuring a DC brushless motor, the SAKER® Socket Fan ensures quieter operation, increased energy efficiency, and a longer lifespan compared to traditional motors. Enjoy powerful airflow and illumination with minimal noise and reduced energy consumption.

  • Enhanced Brightness

    Equipped with 36 high-quality LED lamp beads, the SAKER® Socket Fan delivers exceptional brightness, illuminating any room with ease. Experience superior visibility and a well-illuminated environment with this powerful LED light feature.

  • Hassle-Free Installation

    The SAKER® Socket Fan features a versatile E26/E27/B22 base, ensuring compatibility with most standard light bulb sockets. Its quick and easy installation process allows you to set it up effortlessly like a regular light bulb, making it a convenient addition to any room without the need for complex wiring or tools.

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Saker Socket Fan is Rich in Features Beyond Your Imagination

Dual Functionality

Combines a powerful LED bulb and an efficient ceiling fan in one unit, providing both bright illumination and effective air circulation.

Adjustable Airflow

Enjoy customizable comfort with the 3 or 4-speed settings, allowing you to tailor the airflow to your preference.

Versatile Lighting

Adjust between cool, warm, and neutral light tones, ensuring the perfect lighting for any setting.

Convenient Remote Control

Easily adjust lighting and fan settings with remote control, providing effortless operation from anywhere in the room.

Saker Socket Fan is So Easy to Use

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1 * E26/E27 30W Bulb Holder
4 speeds

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1 * B22/E26/E27 30W Bulb Holder
4 speeds

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1 * E26/E27 40W Bulb Holder with Timing Function
3 speeds

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About Saker

Our company has long been renowned in the field of professional tools. Yet, we gradually realized a common problem: many users feel perplexed when faced with these specialized products. By chance, we noticed that even our wife is not good at using them.

At that moment, we deeply understood that the complexity of professional tools hindered most people from enjoying them. So we've launched a new company focused solely on creating specialized products for DIY enthusiasts. With deep insights into user needs, our team meticulously crafts each detail, driven by passion and creativity.

We're thrilled that Saker has become the top choice for DIY enthusiasts, offering them practical, high-quality tools with thoughtful design. Our story continues as we're dedicated to ensuring everyone finds joy and accomplishment in their projects.

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Such a neat little fan it's the easiest install of a ceiling fan I've ever done in my life lol and honestly works just as well! I love tha features and being Able to customize the settings to my preferences makes life so much easier and having the remote is a feature I never knew I needed till this fan! It's super quiet, which is great for focusing, and I can adjust the speed of the fan and the color of the light from cool to warm to create the perfect working environment. Plus, the wireless remote is a real bonus—it lets me change the settings without any hassle, no matter where I am in the room.

Nikolas R.

Ohhh man this is one of a kind. I have been looking for options to put a small fan over the sink in kitchen but its not easy to find anything for kitchen and typical larger fans or ceiling fans needs installation that is expensive. This came as a blessing that it fits the same socket of my regular bulb and putting it together is a cake walk. As soon as I got it I was able to quickly assemble & install it. In this summer season along with cooking heat in the area it is exhausting and this is just a savior what we needed.

Turner M.

Awesome little ceiling fan! I put mine in my garage where I just had a bulb socket. The ceiling fan comes in a small box because you need to pop the blades into the light mount. It's super easy and requires no tools. Then you just screw the fan into a light socket and you're done. The light is bright and has three color temperature settings on the remote as well as brightness control. The fan puts out a nice cool breeze. The light itself is nice and bright. I think I'll be purchasing a couple more of these!

Jason H.

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