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Saker Nut and Bolt Thread Checker

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I got the Saker Nut and Bolt Thread Checker. It's like those ones you see at hardware stores, but much better quality. Most of those at stores are broken or damaged. I've had cheaper plastic ones, but they break easily. This one is professional-grade, made from thick aluminum, so it won't bend. The bolts stick out enough for testing nuts easily. They're cut smoothly, except for one with a small rough edge. Overall, it's a great tool.

Nikolas R.

I own a large Automotive Repair shop and I'm obsessed with organization. I believe it's a waste of time to dig through a bucket of spare nuts and bolts when needed. Instead, I organize them by thread type, diameter, length, grade, metal type, and head style. I even have an Excel spreadsheet inventory to track them. But sometimes I struggle to identify rogue bolts by sight. That's where the Saker Thread Checker comes in. It contains both male and female threads of popular sizes, even different pitches. It's well-organized, intuitive to use, and has a sleek copper tone. It can be hung up or stored in a toolbox. I highly recommend it for anyone in need of organization in their shop.

Turner M.

If you've had those flimsy plastic thread checkers before, this one is way better. It's made of tough aluminum and steel, feels sturdy, and the markings are engraved, not just printed on. It's perfect for finding the right size and thread count for hardware. It beats using a tap-and-die set or thread gauge. Plus, if you've got a bunch of loose nuts and bolts lying around, this tool helps you identify and use them easily. Bottom line: if you've got a messy workshop, this Saker thread checker is a must-have. Highly recommended!

Jason H.

Get 20% OFF Now
*If they're still in stock

30-Day Money Back Guarantee