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Saker 4 in 1 Drilling Positioning Ruler Advantages:

  • Powerful ABS Knob

    This ruler has a sturdy ABS screw lock, which can freely adjust the length and angle, and achieve stable operation after adjustment.

  • Clear Scale, Sturdy and Durable

    This ruler is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, and the scale printing adopts ÚV technology. The fonts are clear and wear-resistant, and will not fade after long-term use.

  • Hands-free Fixation

    The ruler's flanged ABS end cap prevents the ruler from flipping over to maintain balance, freeing your hands for easy operation.

  • Foldable for Easy Storage

    The ABS knob of this ruler allows the two rulers to be stacked together for easy use and storage. Anodized ruler body is corrosion-resistant and durable.

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Saker 4-in-1 Drilling Positioning Ruler is Rich in Features Beyond Your Imagination

Three Sets of Adjustable Positioning Blocks

Fast and accurate positioning

Freely Adjustable Position

Fast and accurate drilling/nailing/marking

Double Level Bubbles

Auxiliary calibration of horizontal and vertical degrees

Abs Knob to Adjust Length/Angle

Freely adjust measurement length and angle

Saker 4 in 1 Drilling Positioning Ruler is So Easy to Use

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*If they're still in stock

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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1 * Saker 4 in 1 Drilling Positioning Ruler
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About Saker

Saker is a company that designs and manufactures professional-grade tools for construction work and home maintenance. With over 20 years of experience in the industry and over 2 million customers served since our conception, we have developed a reputation of trust and quality with our valued customers.

Our quality and efficient products are easy to use for everyday people but strong enough to make a professional builder proud. Our award-winning customer service cannot be beaten, and our team of knowledgeable handy people is always ready to help you with your DIY project!

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My husband is really happy with this ruler. Its size accommodates larger pieces of work, and the adjustable angle feature will make project completion much easier.

Nikolas R.

This ruler is fantastic for holding angles and marking across extended distances for cutting and layout tasks.

Turner M.

If you've got space to keep it handy, this tool's a real gem for carpenters. I'm thrilled to have it join my collection—it's definitely a handy addition!

Jason H.

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*If they're still in stock

30-Day Money Back Guarantee