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1080° Large Angle Universal Rotation, More Flexible and Adjustable

Dual Function Water Flow Design
High Pressure, Non-drip, Tight Seal

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This Saker 1080° Large-Angle Rotating Splash Filter Faucet Unique Advantages:

  • 1080° Large-Angle Rotating

    This new robotic arm swivel sink faucet aerator can be rotated 1080 degrees, and can be easily bent or folded at will so that the water flow can reach every corner of the sink, which makes it convenient to wash the sink.

  • 2 Water Outlet Modes Design

    The faucet aerator has a soft bubble stream and a strong sprayer shower, twists the aerator changes the water dispensing method.

  • Simple Installation

    Directly installed by hand without tools, done in seconds. If your faucet is Male thread, directly connect it. If your faucet is Female thread, use the adapter to connect. The adapter and gaskets are included in the package

  • Fits 99% Faucets

    The faucet aerator is made of sturdy copper, ABS body and multi-layer plating to improve durability and service life. Anti-corrosion and anti-rust.

  • High-Quality Materials

    Zinc-coated surfaces protect the coupler from water, grease or corrosive contaminants

  • Multi-Purpose

    For kitchen faucets, it is helpful for children to clean their hands and fruits and vegetables; for the bathroom sink, you can wash your hair and face more easily. At the same time, the faucet adapter can be more convenient to clean the sink.

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1080° Universal Rotation, Improves Your Rinsing Experience

Choosing the right faucet sink sprayer attachment can make a big difference in kitchens and bathrooms at a time when hand and dishwashing have increased. We strive to provide you with a smart and stylish product that will improve your washing experience. Saker 1080° Large-Angle Rotating Splash Filter Faucet saves water and improves the quality of your water, and improves your rinsing experience. You to adjust the tap head to any angle to easier clean your plates, fruits, and vegetables, and it is also suitable for restaurant, laundry, and backyard cleaning. Your family life will be more convenient because of it.

  • Unique 3 Joint Ball Design

    Each of which can be rotated 360 degrees. The height can be adjusted flexibly before and after.

  • Foldable

    It can be folded and stored, which takes up less space and is more convenient to use.

  • Humanized Design

    Splash filter faucet Introduces air into the water stream to produce a larger and whiter stream that is soft to touch and non-splashing.

  • Four-layer Filtration

    There are 4 filters inside the aerator that helps bar impurity from tap water to ensure water quality.

  • Product Caliber

    24mm outer fine wire, 22mm inner fine wire, 20mm inner thick wire.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Environmental Protection and Saving Money

The Saker 1080° Large-Angle Rotating Splash Filter Faucet has 2 water flow modes. The Strong sprayer shower mode has high water pressure which can quickly wash dishes and remove stains also can saving water. The Oxygen-enriched foam stream mode produces a soft touch and non-splashing water stream for hand washing and face washing. You can save water by 40%-70% compared with a normal bubbler. This faucet attachment also has a gasket to prevent leakage.

Why is the Saker 1080° Large-Angle Rotating Splash Filter Faucet the best for your choice?

The Saker 1080° rotating multi-function faucet has a three-stage rotating design, which is larger than the 360- and 720-degree rotating faucet. It can be easily bent or folded, and the Angle of the faucet can be adjusted freely so that the water can reach every corner of the sink to meet your different needs. Its mechanical arm design can be folded and stored, and laundry is no longer in the way.

Saker 1080° Large-Angle Rotating Splash Filter Faucet

  • Free adjustment
  • Foldable and retractable
  • Thickening material
  • Finely polished electroplating
  • Smooth rotation
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Other Filter Faucet

  • Limited regulation
  • Not collapsible
  • Made with cheap Material
  • Rough workmanship
  • Rotation stuck
  • No Guarantee for Customers

Saker 1080° Rotating Splash Filter Faucet is So Easy to Use

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Saker products were developed by real life professionals in construction. We understand the struggles handy people face in projects both at home and on the work site. Our products are designed specifically to be easy to use for everyone. We produce Saker products only with the highest quality of materials that are specifically vetted for durability and functionality.

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It turns out that using the faucet will wet the desktop, but this one won't, because it can be freely contracted, folded up and down, and there are three places that can be rotated 360 degrees, which fully meets my needs, especially when I wash my hair at night, I can use it directly, which is very convenient, love love love!

Nikolas R. Lincoln, England

Works great and installed in 30 seconds. I live in an apartment with a very small sink. This attachment allows me to wash dishes and clean my sink in various different angles which is great. BETTER than the best faucet extension that I have ever had!!!

Turner M. Leeds, England

The rotating faucet aerator is used as soon as it is installed. It looks good quality and durable! It adds range of reach and extra pressure to the spray, and the ability to tip it up to use it as a drinking fountain. t's really a good product with high-cost performance! I will eventually buy another one.

Jason H. Portsmouth, England

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee